Exercise Caution Online

The personal trainer on the YouTube video promises that her curtsy lunge with dumbbells is the secret to “a beautiful butt,” then conducts a very enthusiastic series of deep curtsies with the legs thrown back – right, left, right, left – arms by the sides, back straight, head up. In reality she probably stands a... Continue Reading →

Too Many Machines?

Weight machines, developed for bodybuilders 50 years ago and useful for targeted physical therapy after an injury or surgery, have gained an outsized place in many training rooms. Considering that most people imagine a bodybuilder’s body when they think of a strong athlete, this isn’t surprising – but it’s wrong. The bulging muscles of a... Continue Reading →

Practice Makes the Perfect Squat

Straight bar squats can produce strength and power in the legs that enhances performance in nearly any sport, but the athlete must exercise patience during an extended, gradual process to perfect the squat safely and effectively. Taking shortcuts or rushing to strenuous weights without adequate coordinate, flexibility, range of motion, and technique risks serious, sidelining... Continue Reading →

Holistic Exercise For the Whole Athlete

Many training regimens take a Body Part of the Day approach – maybe chests on Monday, backs on Tuesday, biceps and triceps on Thursday, and legs on Friday. Monday’s workout, for example, would focus on pushing exercises such as bench presses and pushups. That’s probably appropriate for bodybuilders and power lifters, but for everyone whose... Continue Reading →

Keep the Muscles Learning New Things

What’s the best exercise to boost a particular skill? Surprises: It’s the one you’ve never done before. Just as intellectual learning means mastering new material – not repeating well-known answers – athletic training should constantly give the body new challenges so it becomes agile and able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances on the playing field.... Continue Reading →

Three-Dimensional Exercises

Your body is three-dimensional, and your exercise routine should be, too. Most of the traditional exercises in the training room – squats, bench press, curls, pulldowns, pullups – are in the sagittal plane, the one that splits your body up the middle into left and right sides. But your body moves in an infinite number of planes, with... Continue Reading →

Joint Effort

Targeted Exercises Avoid Excessive Knee Injuries in Girl Athletes The growing rate of ACL knee surgery reached 75 operations per 100,000 people in 2014, but teenage girls suffer more than three times as many injuries – 269 per 100,000 people, a 59 percent increase since 2002 (for boys, it’s 212, a 44 percent increase).[1] Researchers have... Continue Reading →

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