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Building Confidence and Achieving Goals

You want your daughter to play with confidence.  You want your son to love his sport as much as you loved yours.  You want her to have an impact on the game.  You wish you had a program like this when you were younger.  When you start your son or daughter in All-Age Performance Training you give them a step-by-step system for improving confidence, gaining athletic ability and making an impact on their sport.  Boy or girl, just starting out or an experienced athlete, the All-Age Performance Training System™ is a scalable road-map for gaining athletic success.

Parent FAQ:

Q: My 12 year-old son plays competitive basketball.  He is a skilled basketball player, but the other kids are starting to get bigger and faster and I can see his confidence slipping.  What can you do to help?
A: All-Age Performance Training takes a systematic approach by allowing athletes to master exercises and activities before adding new challenges.  The small victories combined with an increase in athletic ability will increase his confidence and give him the ability to back it up.

Q: My 14 year-old daughter loves volleyball.  She has been taking weightlifting class at the high school but does not seem to have made much improvement.  What is different about All-Age Performance Training?
A: All-Age Performance Training is different in almost every way.  Most PE classes rely on variations of traditional bench, squats and cleans.  These programs were designed for professional male athletes in the 70’s and 80’s.  All-Age Performance Training takes in to account the biological differences between girls and boys.  The system teaches them  exercises appropriate for their ability and experience taking them through a step-by-step process establishing discipline to complete a task and move on to the next challenge, translating directly to sports.

Q: Is this something my son’s entire team could do or is it one-on-one training?
A: All-Age Training is perfect for an entire team.  The program is scalable so while one athlete may be improving more slowly, another one can be incrementally challenged without changing the workout itself.

Q: I have read sports related injuries are on the rise and it is especially bad for girls.  Does All-Age Performance Training reduce injury risk?
A: Yes it does.  The All-Age Performance Training System™ has integrated the principals of the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation PEP Sports Injury Prevention Program into all aspects of the system.  The All-Age Performance Training System™ is also a Participating Sports Organization in STOP Sports Injuries. 

Q: Is All-Age Performance Training only for high level athletes?
A: No.  The All-Age Performance Training System™ works for all athletes regardless of ability or experience.  Athletes begin with exercises to improve balance and stability.  As their ability and confidence grows the exercises are adapted and increase in difficulty.  Once an activity is mastered a new, more challenging activity is introduced.  Each progressing builds on the last.  It is ultimately up to the athlete how quickly and how far he or she progresses.

Q: I was a high-level athlete when I was younger.  Why can’t my kids just do my old program?
A: There are two reasons.  First, it is hard to be objective when it comes to our own kids.  It is important to give them exercises and activities appropriate for their ability and experience to build confidence and keep them engaged.  Second, a 21st Century athlete requires a 21st Century solution to sports performance.  By involving your kids in the All-Age Performance Program you are helping them succeed in today’s highly competitive sports environment.

Q: My son lifts in PE class.  Isn’t that good enough?
A: Probably not.  Lifting is only one piece of the Sports Performance puzzle.  If he is not also doing activities for balance, stability, core strength, speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) and fitness he is probably falling behind.  You want your son to work on all aspects of performance training thus putting him in the best possible position to be an impact player.

Q: Do girls ever tell you they are worried about bulking up?  What do you do?
A: Yes, I hear that all the time.  The All-Age Performance Training System™ has different phases for accomplishing different goals.  Depending on their goals, not all athletes go through all phases.  Older male athletes dependent on size for their sport will go through a phase specifically for adding size and muscle mass.  Most athletes depend more on strength, speed, quickness and agility and would likely skip that phase so they would not be likely to bulk up.

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