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As a head coach your job doesn’t end when you walk off the field.  You are a fund-raiser, game planner, counselor, equipment manager, practice planner, relationship builder, parent liaison, transportation manager, treasurer and strength and conditioning coach.  And on top of that you most likely have a day job that requires at least some regular attention.  Many of the responsibilities you can hand off to parent volunteers and assistant coaches.  But more and more a high level sports performance program is a difference maker.  You do not have the time to put in to doing it right, but cannot afford to get it wrong.  The All-Age Performance Training System™ provides a simple formula for giving your athletes the tools they need to be play-makers and make a positive impact each time they get compete.


Q: Do you ever sit down with coaches and help them evaluate their current sports performance programs?
A: All the time.  We usually meet four times over the course of a month.  I listen to the coaches needs, the team’s strengths and weaknesses, what they have done in the past and where they want to be.  I observe at least one session with the student-athletes and help them make minor adjustments on the spot.  I then prepare a report for the coach on how to optimize the current program specifically for the team.

Q: I am looking for someone I can turn my sports performance program over to so I can work on game-plans.  Is that something you can do?
A: Yes.  Depending on your location and the size of the team I will include other coaches trained in the All-Age Performance Training System™ to help facilitate and teach your athletes.  

Q: Do I need to purchase any special equipment to do All-Age Performance Training properly?
A: Nope!  The system works with everything from state-of-the-art weight rooms to equipment-free environments like a soccer field or park.

Q: I already have a good sports performance program in place.  Why do I need you?
A: You might not!  I have met with many coaches to evaluate their current programs.  In every instance we have found at least one or two key elements they were missing from their program.  A couple minor changes and they were all set.  But in most cases we have found there are several ways we can adjust the program to better meet the needs of the athletes, provide a step-by-step process to increase performance and confidence and set the athletes up for real success.

Q: do you ever work with groups of coaches?
A: Absolutely.  I have spoken to entire athletic departments about how each coach can use All-Age Performance Training for their specific team to create a greater impact during the season.

Q: What would you say the biggest difference between the All-Age Performance Training Program™ and a traditional strength and conditioning program?
A: Most strength and conditioning programs are one-size fits all.  All-Age Performance Training systematically adjusts for an athlete’s age, sex, ability, experience and progress through the program even if they are part of the same team.  The athletes are constantly challenge and being pushed to excel and get to the next level.

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