You’re looking for a sports performance program that helps young athletes reach the next level and perform better at life.  You want the only program that includes a specific plan to help teens and adolescent athletes set and achieve goals they never thought possible, both on and off the field, helps them build confidence and teaches them the things they need to know to win and succeed at life.  You want the All-Age Performance Training System™.

"Coach Tom helped Lily grow as an athlete while encouraging her to let go of unrealistic expectations.  She gained valuable perspective while growing physically stronger and more confident." -Rebecca Ketcham, Mom

The Physical Side:

All-Age Performance Training is designed to meet the demands of adolescent and teen girls and boys for a difference people can see.  Gone are the days of week after week of a one-size-fits-all routine. All-Age Performance Training implements a variety of challenging  3-Dimensional Exercises and teaches young athletes what they need to know to be at the top of their game.  

"I have gotten stronger in my upper and lower-body and have improved my balance tremendously.  Coach Tom Dueber doesn't just do this by bench press and squatting like you could get in any high school gym class... he brings a variety of techniques and types of lifting.  I improved my position on the tennis team from 2 singles to the number 1 singles. Coach Tom is a professional in every way." -Nathaniel Allen, High School Tennis Player

All-Age Performance Training teaches them how to be more efficient through increased neuromuscular control and advanced proprioception.  But that is just the beginning…

The Rest of the Picture:

The All-Age Performance Training System™ takes athletic performance to the next level by helping teens understand what it takes to perform better at life:  

Set and Achieve Goals:

The All-Age Performance Training System™  gives young athletes a step by step guide for affecting the things they can control.

"My son started working with Coach Tom at Canyon Performance Training  after recovering from Injuries. Tom helped my son not only recover the fitness he lost , but improve to a point  where he gained confidence, strength and enhanced agility. Coach Tom is a wonderful resource." -Tracy Pheneger, Mom to two soccer players​

Learn Time Management:

The All-Age Performance Training System™ introduces young athletes to time-management techniques to help them stay on task and succeed at all that they do.

"Coach Tom's program will make you better, both physically and mentally.  The workouts strengthen your body, but how you persevere in the workouts strengthens your mind.  You will feel unstoppable. " -Hope Borger, Mead High School Volleyball

Master Social Media:  

Learn how to build a personal identity and “brand” through social media and market to schools, sports programs and potential employers.


Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Teens and adolescents learn to accept failure as a part of learning and growing and eventually succeeding increasing their confidence both on and off the playing field.


"I have an older son who was basically let loose in his high school gym, has created some muscle imbalances and struggled with injury during the soccer season.  Coach Tom taught Sydney proper technique and she has not had the injuries. Also, she really enjoys the workouts and challenges and has fun! -Darylee Lee, Mother of Sydney Lee, St. Vrain FC 2001 Soccer

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