The Experts Agree, Lunging Should be Cheerful and Lively

Article after article claims to have the best exercise for… fill in your favorite activity.  In bold letters at the top will be: “The 5 BEST Exercises for Making Your Ass So Big You Cannot Shop for Underwear In Normal Stores.” or “Do this High Intensity Cardio Weight Blast Insanity 5 Times a Week for 95 Seconds and Fat Will Literally Fall Off of You In Large Clumps While You Walking Down the Street.”  In yet another article will be the same activities for a different result or different activities for the same result.  Often these so-called experts do not even agree on how to perform the “BEST” activity!  And they all seem to forget about Law of Fitness #11.

Law of Fitness #11: The best activity is the one you have never done.

Let’s start with the highly entertaining article by Kredy.  That is the by-line.  Kredy.  Kredy is, apparently, an analyst for the extremely informative and credible on-line… thing… Sportskeeda.  As far as I can tell Sportskeeda serves the sole function of getting people to click on, you guessed it, Sportskeeda.  The, and I use this term loosely, article is entitled:

5 Best Barbell Workouts to Maximise Strength and Build Muscles

Please note the creative spelling of the word “Maximi(s)e.”  The 5th exercise is a Barbell Lunge.  According to Kredy it is the best exercise for maximi(s)ing strength and building muscle in the glutes, hamstrings and quads with “tremendous intensity.”  So, make them bigger.  A video show’s a very fit gentleman performing the exercise.  You can actually FEEL the intensity as he lunges.  Please note the subtle detail of his heal coming slightly off the ground as he lunges forward.

Yet another article published in the world-renowned Idaho Mountain Express entitled

The Loveable Lunge

has a slightly, and by slightly I mean radically, different take on the lunge’s function.  Please note the creative spelling of the word “Lov(e)able.”  Writer and “Fitness Guru” Connie Aronson claims the lunge is the “BEST exercise for toned legs and a perky butt.”  As you might know “toned” is the removal of body-fat.  I will assume removal of body-fat from my butt will also directly affect it’s perkiness.  So in other words, make them smaller.  By the way, “perky” is defined as “cheerful and lively.”  Does anyone really want my, or any other butt to be cheerful and lively?  Why is that even a thing?  And Connie is very clear the heal of the front foot is to remain planted during the entire lunging motion in direct conflict with Kredy’s expert video.

So in summary, the lunge is the best exercise for building lower-body muscle and strength, the best exercise for removing bodyfat and giving me a cheerful and lively ass and can be done, pretty much any way you want to do it.  WHY ISN’T EVERYONE DOING THESE MAGICAL EXERCISES ALL DAY EVERY DAY?

The bottom line, there is no magical exercise (Law #2) that produces a magical result.  Control your food, have variety in your activity make sure the activity doesn’t cause pain while doing it.  This is the BEST way for a healthy body.  What are your thoughts on a cheerful butt?  Please comment below.  If you enjoyed this article please pass it on to someone else you think would enjoy it.


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