How Kate Middleton More Likely Shed Her Baby Weight in Just Seven Weeks

An article by Celebrity Insider claims to have the answers to how Kate Middleton lost weight after giving birth to her third child.  The article makes some vague references to cutting out sugar and carbs and getting some exercise.  But the meat of the story is it is just plain genetics.   An interview with a “midwife expert” suggests if your “Mum” recovered well, so should you!  So in summary: Kate Middleton is a genetically superior princess who is immune to cravings and burns 2500 calories when she walks down the stairs for morning tea.  Yep, you are none of those things.  You’re screwed.


Law of Fitness #5: It is never just one thing.  Princess Middleton is likely a bit more genetically predisposed to being slim than the average human.  She is also… A PRINCESS.  She has people following her around literally 24/7.  As Kate reaches for the last doughnut in the palace a small British woman leaps from the shadows and slaps her hand, scolding her in a stern, but somewhat comical accent.  There is an entire staff of people spending all of their free time figuring out exactly how much she can eat, of what, when and where.  I would be willing to bet there is at least one person with the dubious job of instructing the Duchess (she is also a Duchess? I for the life of me cannot figure out how that works.)  on a fitness routine.  I do not envy that person.  I have dealt with many non-princess clients who are, shall we say, difficult from time to time in a princess-like way.  I can only imagine how an actual princess would respond to being told she had to do “1 more Burpee before you can go home!”  I feel like that is a great way to get banished from the Kingdom.

So don’t despair my genetically imperfect friend.  You, too, can drop “baby weight.”  You must use a combination of tactics:

  • Set and write down realistic goals you can control like: No donuts for a week or 30 minutes of elevated heart-rate 6 days a week.  You cannot control: Lose 5 lbs.  It is not a goal.  It is a result of reaching your goals.
  • Take a hard look at your diet: do you NEED certain foods, or just want them.
  • Drink more water.
  • Give yourself a break.  Failure is part of success.  Even if you miss on a couple goals, reset the next week and get back at it.  As you establish the good habits, the goals will start to happen, and the results will come.

How you would you avoid banishment while training a princess, or duchess, or both.  Comment below.  And subscribe so you can be the absolute first person to read each article.

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