The International Solution to Weight Loss: Yoga for Open Organs

The Untied States continues to spread its influence across the globe.  To the list of contributions such as The Assembly Line, The Cotton Gin, Freedom and Democracy we can now add… weight-loss gimmicks!  Obesity is certainly not uniquely American, but as with many things, we certainly are a leader in the field. With that comes, like cockroaches to a spilled bottle of Shasta, “experts” to help combat obesity.  A recent article in the highly respected TimesNowNews(.com) out of New Delhi has the 5 INCREDIBLE reasons why yoga will help YOU lose weight.

First, and I cannot stress this enough, weightloss comes from eating less.  A LOT less.  I have attended many yoga classes taught by extremely qualified and amazing instructors. I have enjoyed the classes and felt a renewed sense of awareness, flexibility and relaxation.  However, at no point have I left a yoga class and though, “Well, I am so aware and relaxed I think I am just going to blow off eating for the rest of the week.”  But!  Because I am a good sport, I am going to break down the reasons yoga will help YOU lose weight.

1 Weight Loss.  So, to be clear, yoga helps with weight loss by helping with… weight loss.  I feel like this could have been a much shorter article with a little creative editing.  Yoga, according to this article, MAY help aid “mindful eating.”  So might being stuck in a tree for three days.  But I suppose by meditating a bit during your yoga practice you might walk away less likely to eat the entire box of donuts your co-worker brought to work today.

2 and 3.  Lower Blood Sugar and Control Blood Sugar: These are basically the same thing so we will make them 1 and 1B for today.  According to this article, I can lower (control) my blood sugar by assuming a yoga pose that, and I swear I am not making this up, stimulates my pancreas!  The article does not say which pose, exactly, might cause pancreatic stimulation but I feel like I am just one of billions of people worldwide who, up until recently, did not even know their pancreas SHOULD be stimulated.  This has really changed my entire outlook regarding my pancreas and pancreatic related activity.

4. Improves Heart Health.  To be fair, all activity, short of driving a dagger into your actual heart, is pretty good for your heart.  But, and here is where yoga takes it to the next level, your internal organs, as a result of yoga will, that’s right, open!  The article does not elaborate on A) in what way they open, or B) how my organs being open might benefit my heart in a positive way.  But they are open.  And beneficial.

5. Improves Digestion.  This actually seems legit.  Until the description.  According to this article yoga will “massage (my) internal organs.”  Let that sink in for a minute. I’ll wait.  I am starting to wonder what “yoga” class the journalist responsible for this article is actually going to.

So while yoga is awesome, I am not sure this article conclusively proves it promotes weight loss.  Have you been to a yoga class that, in your recollection, stimulated your pancreas?  Tell us in the comments below. And please forward this to someone you think might enjoy it.  Also!  If you run across any “educational” articles you would like me to break down, please send them to


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