Why Even The Best Fitness App Will Never Replace The Human Element

Today there is an app for everything.  There is an app to simulate milking a cow, one to help you find the right time to go pee, and one that is... nothing.  And of course there are countless fitness apps.
Each one proclaims to be the best sports performance program and some are, no doubt, better than others.  They have seemingly limitless numbers of exercises, examples of impossibly fit people performing these exercises, ways to keep you accountable, nutrition programming and celebrity athletes endorsing them in exchange for huge sums of money.  Programs are periodized, and adjustable.  They track progress and quite frankly, they work.  The apps have everything a person could possibly need to reach peak performance for $4.99 a month.

So wait, it sound like they DO replace the human element.  In a vacuum, they absolutely do.  In reality, they do not.  They do not make an adjustment when Jon feels pain in his knee, they won't even notice when Jen is arching her back during dead-lifts, and they have no plan for Kyle's wrist pain during push-ups.    An app will never understand why Molly is struggling to stay focused or Mike cannot stay organized.  Like in so many things, the human element is still the difference between success and failure.

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